Monday, December 23, 2019

Time to Upgrade

November 5th, 2010 - I began this blog.  When I started out, I did what many bloggers do, I headed to  It is a nice friendly platform "back end" for blogging.  I never really saw much of a need to change things up.  It worked and that is all that mattered.

As well, my life was very different back then.  I was a closeted transvestite, gawd it makes me shudder and squirm to describe myself with that trans word!  Which describes how different my world is now, and how different my acknowledgement of who I am is.

Okay, well, whatevs!  I didn't want this post to be some melodramatic waxing of the past!  Nope!  This post is just a short note to say that within the next bit, I will be officially migrating my blog to a self-hosted Wordpress site.

Being as I am now me, everywhere, I am consolidating my web presence under one house -

I have no idea how long this migration will take and what ramifications it will have.  I will retain my address, so it really shouldn't present many problems.  Things will change for sure, but hey, it's about damn time for an update and upgrade this this old house!

Love you constant reader!  I still can't believe that you spend your time here with little ol me.  I truly do appreciate you for in your own way you have been instrumental in helping me to find myself.  Thank you!

Oh - here is a new temporary address:

Love you!

Love yourselves!

Really, do many of us actually know what this means?


  1. Nary a thing to say here but still read all your posts with interest. 😊
    Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you Kelly!

  2. Loving oneself is truly a blessing and a HARD thing to do.

    Merry Christmas!